Save our Transit

The budget proposal issued last week by the Trump Administration would be a disaster for our transportation system. It would eliminate federal funding for transit expansion and modernization, at a time when transit has become key to job creation and economic prosperity.

As transit advocates from all sections of the country, we will work to prevent these cutbacks which will harm local economies around the country. We offer a vision of a transportation network built for people.

As a first step toward this end, we ask transit advocates in all parts of the country to contact their representatives and senators.  Convey your strong opposition to these cuts and ask where your legislators stand.  Be sure to mention specific projects in your own area that are at risk.

Please use this question to try to pin down their position as clearly as possible:

“Do you support the budget cuts in transit capital spending and passenger rail service in the president’s March 16 budget proposal?”

Send the responses to:

We will compile legislators’ positions and publish where they stand

Adina Levin, Friends of Caltrain (California)
Clarence Hixson, Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation (Louisville, Kentucky)
Benjamin Ross, Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition
Lynn Magdol, Citizens for Regional Transit (Buffalo, New York)
Ken Prendergast, All Aboard Ohio
Patrick Kennedy, Board Member, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Texas)
Ben Schiendelman, Seattle, Washington