Two Maryland senators oppose transit cuts

Sen. Ben Cardin’s office:  “You can take it to the bank that Senator Cardin does not support the Budget cuts in transit.”

Sen. Chris Van Hollen denounces transit budget cuts in a speech to the Metropolitan Washington AFL-CIO on March 25.

INDIANA: U.S. Rep. Andre Carson blasted Trump’s proposed cuts

“In both Democratic and Republican Administrations, I have fought against any effort to cut projects that create jobs and grow the economy in Indianapolis. These projects are nonpartisan and have always enjoyed support from elected officials from both parties.”

Source: Briggs, James. Tuohy, John. Lange, Kaitlin L. Sikich, Chris. Trump’s budget ax swings at Fishers sidewalks, Indianapolis bus project. Indy Star. March 17, 2017.

NORTH CAROLINA: Rep. G.K. Butterfield was “shocked and outraged” by the proposed budget

“By threatening to cut this funding, President Trump is showing that he has little interest in creating jobs and building infrastructure. Though President Trump is calling his plan the ‘America First’ budget, his proposal is a deeply flawed plan that falls short on providing municipalities and counties with the critical funding for important community development projects that improve the lives of Americans.”

Source: Grubb, Tammy. Trump’s proposed budget could derail Durham-Orange light-rail plan. The News & Observer. March 17, 2017.

INDIANA: South Shore line upgrade at risk from Trump’s budget cuts

Projects to expand Indiana’s South Shore Line to serve Chicago and Gary commuters from the northwest of the state, and to add a second track along the mainline to add transit capacity and improve travel time, are now in jeopardy due to President Trump’s proposed deep cuts to the federal program of mass transit investment (New Starts, Small Starts, TIGER, Core Capacity).  A total of $445 million in funding is now at risk to this project that would improve service for 14,000 daily riders on the current line and attract thousands more due to better coverage and faster trip times.

Representative Pete Visclosky of Merriville, Indiana has spoken out against the cuts.  If you agree that these projects are too important to be put at risk by President Trump’s budget, contact your representative and urge them to maintain full funding for transit capital projects!

NEW JERSEY: Sen. Booker opposes cuts to Gateway, Light Rail projects

Critical transit projects across the nation are at risk thanks to President Trump’s proposed budget that would make major cuts in transit infrastructure funding.  One example is the Gateway Tunnel, the proposed expansion of the Hudson River Tunnel used by Amtrak and NJ Transit, which would both add badly needed capacity to Acela, regional, and commuter services on the corridor and provide an alternative so that the current tunnel can be repaired.  (It’s still damaged from Hurricane Sandy, four years ago.)   This project requires major funding from the federal New Starts program, which is now in jeopardy of being severely cut.

The proposed cuts would also put the expansion of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, the extension of PATH to Newark Airport, and many other critical projects in the region in jeopardy.

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, along with other leaders from the area, has taken a strong stance against the cuts.   Tell your Rep and your Senator to oppose them too!  (And let us know when their staffers tell you their position on the proposed cuts.)

Poll: 84% of US voters OPPOSE transit cuts

Quinnipiac University recently conducted a national poll that found that a very large majority of Americans (84%) opposes cuts to “funding for new road and transit projects”.   This includes a majority of Republicans (75%).

This is consistent with polling by the American Public Transit Association in 2016 showing majority support, including by Trump voters, of investments in mass transit infrastructure, and a 2015 poll showing that 70% of voters supported increases in transit investment.

The budget proposed by President Trump would ignore this strong support for mass transit and instead make major cuts.  Tell your representative that you oppose it!