INDIANA: South Shore line upgrade at risk from Trump’s budget cuts

Projects to expand Indiana’s South Shore Line to serve Chicago and Gary commuters from the northwest of the state, and to add a second track along the mainline to add transit capacity and improve travel time, are now in jeopardy due to President Trump’s proposed deep cuts to the federal program of mass transit investment (New Starts, Small Starts, TIGER, Core Capacity).  A total of $445 million in funding is now at risk to this project that would improve service for 14,000 daily riders on the current line and attract thousands more due to better coverage and faster trip times.

Representative Pete Visclosky of Merriville, Indiana has spoken out against the cuts.  If you agree that these projects are too important to be put at risk by President Trump’s budget, contact your representative and urge them to maintain full funding for transit capital projects!

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